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Im 5foot tall or short whatever way you want to look at it and about 138.6 pound i have a 8 month old boy and am looking for some exercise tips and a diet that will help me lose 20 pounds in three months. again cant afford a gym being a single mum or expensive foods so anything you can give me would be appreciated. Best answer: to achieve any weight loss, you really need to excercise and eat an overall healthy diet that consist of complex carbohydrates (whole wheat foods that would be great for fiber and needed nutrients), lean protein to help build muscles and repair your body, and good amounts of fat for energy and. Hi there i dont really need to loose weight as im a size 8 but i want to tone around my middle i do the right exercise but am a bit stuck on healthy food i do all the fruit for lunch etc but i need to know main meals for dinner in the evening which are very low calorie any help would be great :).

Eating these period-friendly foods could make that time of ...

Eating these period-friendly foods could make that time of

How running and the keto diet helped one woman lose nearly ...

How running and the keto diet helped one woman lose nearly

I'm a teenager planning on going on a 15 week weight loss plan trying to lost 2 pounds a week. i'm going to burn 500 daily and then eat 500 less--so that would be only eating 1000 calories. how should i eat? i know generally not to eat any white bread or pasta and sweets and chips but i want to know detailed how i should eat. peace.. Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all. running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.. Hi i have been on a diet 3 weeks+! i was wondering what do you think how iam doing iam needing to loose around 50lb all together my dr tells me week 1 5pounds loss week 2 2 pounds loss week 3 3 pounds loss what do u think am i doing ok also iam fasting due to it beaing ramadan any advise to continue... show more hi i have been on a diet.

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Weight Loss Diet Yahoo Answers

weight loss diet yahoo answers

You should be eating at least 1500-1600 calories per day for weight loss, because you must fuel your body’s basic functions. you have to eat enough to lose weight. if you go on a 1000 calorie per day diet, you going to slow down your metabolism instead of losing weight.. Weight loss diets could be simple and more complex strategies or approaches for food and drink consumption or omission those to where it supplements a persons efforts in their weight loss goals. these diets can be fads like the atkins diet, or other more simple strategies such as eating very little fats/sugars and eating more fiber, vegetables and fruits.. I want to loose 10 kgs weight in months time please advise the suitable diet planss.

Weight Loss App While Breastfeeding

Weight loss app while breastfeeding

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3 day military diet challenge: before and after results

Yahoo malaysia answers how do i lose weight fast? a somewhat unusual weight loss strategy that can help you get a flatter belly in under 7 days.. Weight loss yahoo answers weight loss yahoo answers dukan diet how do you lose weight so fast. weight loss yahoo answers how to lose belly fat naturally for women.. So i’m 20 and i’m about 20 stone. lets just say (and i’m paraphrasing here) i have been a sleep for a long time and have finally opened my eyes and.

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