Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

I had my baby by c-section 10 months ago and my stomach still hasn't gone down. i am overweight, but it just doesn't seem right. it feels very hard w. More sources about sam being gay, from the previous threads: [quote]"i’ve known he’s gay since right after he was cast. many uk fans i befriended early know it.

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Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

losing weight after baby mumsnet

I’ve been on these for a few months now – only 15mg – but omg the weight gain is *really* getting me down. i’ve put on at least half a stone (ok, nea. I hate mumsnet: why one mum thinks the parenting website is smug, patronising and vicious. by sarah chalmers for mailonline updated: 04:23 est, 27 november 2009.

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