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Keto diet is one of the latest weight loss crazes around the world, and, unlike many fad diets, it shows no signs of slowing down. thousands of ladies in nigeria are currently enjoying the nigerian keto diet, and here is a nigerian keto diet plan that will help you achieve your dream body..

How to Start the Ketogenic Diet - Perfect Keto Exogenous ...

How to start the ketogenic diet - perfect keto exogenous

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African keto compliant meals that work!!!africa is one of the (if not the most) difficult place to live on a keto diet. truth be told, the founders of this keto diet. As they say too much of everything is not good so you would notice in my low carb nigerian meal plan, i did not completely eliminate carbohydrates. This low carb nigerian food time table has pictures. it is also perfect if you're going keto to lose weight. you can also use this meal plan even if you.