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Why we’re an advocare gym. written by admin on december 10, 2014. posted in news. for years the gyms owned and operated by russcorp made a conscious decision not to carry or promote a specific brand of supplements. the reason for the decision was solid. we understood that good nutrition and exercise were the fundamental keys to fitness. that fact remains true.but the reality is that we can. My journey with advocare. i joined advocare because it was recommended to me by a friend in college and she told me this program would teach me to not only eat better, but how to modify my eating and make smarter choices. i stayed home during the spring break of my junior year in college to prepare my meals and do the 24 day challenge. i lost. The ridge gym and fitness center is so much more than just a place to come exercise! we have a friendly, encouraging atmosphere with a family-like camaraderie that keeps you motivated and happy to go to the gym everyday!.

Get Fit With My Sweet Savannah: ~clean banana muffins~

Get fit with my sweet savannah: ~clean banana muffins~

AdvoCourage: Why Gym Owners and Personal Trainers Choose ...

Advocourage: why gym owners and personal trainers choose

Sure, home gyms may not be for everyone – some people need the visual of a gym for extrinsic motivation. but, for those of you who enjoy working out at home, or are curious about the idea of a home gym, we’ve put together a detailed list of tips, tactics and equipment ideas to help you set up a home gym – on a budget.. I am an advocare distributor and use products to support my workouts (running, lifting weights, spinning, and playing football). i often get asked what the best advocare products are, so i wanted to share my opinion with you today. i have used all of these products at different points.. At advocare, we build champions. become a part of team advocare and see how you can reach new levels of success..

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