Apps That Let You Compete With Firends For Weight Loss

It’s a little app that lets you join bets to lose weight in four short weeks – or lose money. the largest pot of money on dietbet is about $150,000 ($25 to enter).. Connect it with other fitness apps to monitor your daily fitness activity, and stay in touch with friends for added support while you lose or manage your weight. lose it! iphone rating: 5 stars. You decide how much you want to wager, how much weight you’ll lose and how long it will take and your possible winnings are calculated. it seems that the longer it will take you to achieve, and maintain, the weight loss, the more you can win..

Weight loss isn’t easy, but these apps help make the journey a little less bumpy. when you boil it down to the basics, weight loss is about two things—eating less and moving more— but anyone who has tried to lose weight before knows that it can be so much more complicated.. Skinnyo is a web-application that groups of friends can use to stage weight loss challenges and fitness competitions online. teams and individuals can create custom challenges that run the gamut, from exercising three times a week to losing 30 pounds by may.. Competish is like fantasy football - you and a bunch of friends buy-in, compete against each other every week, talk trash, and win prizes - with the added benefit of actually losing weight. the prospect of losing money, or facing....

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