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Weight Loss Program For Workplace

weight loss program for workplace

The study of workplace weight-loss programs found that the office is a great environment for overweight workers looking to shed extra pounds. the tufts university study found that workers who completed a weight loss program and behavioral counseling program at their place of work lost an average of 18 pounds over a six-month period.. How to implement a workplace fitness program. whether it’s a weight loss competition, the best incentives for wellness programs.. Workplace weight-loss programs are a win-win tool that companies can use to boost both health and wealth. the financial payoff—for one texas employer, about $2.50 in return for every dollar spent—stems from lower health care costs and reduced absenteeism..

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The work-site intervention programs lasted a minimum of eight weeks and involved workers aged 32 to 52. before and after the start of the work-site intervention the participants had their bmi (body mass index) or weight taken. workplace weight loss. Our workplace wellness classes aid in reducing healthcare costs by empowering employees with life-changing nutrition information and weight loss techniques.. Weight loss in the workplace: what employers can do. per the centers for disease control and prevention , losing just 5 to 10 percent of total body weight is likely to produce improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugars, and help prevent diabetes. so, how can employers develop weight loss programs that are effective and sustainable?.

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