weight loss program cpt code

I have a doctor that is looking into implementing a weight loss program into her practice. according to cms.gov, the ehb (essential health benefits) of california plans for 2017-2020 include “weight loss programs” are “covered” and have “no quantitative limits on service”. also, the cpt codes most likely to be recognized by. Medicare will pay for g0447 and g0473 with appropriate icd-9 code (icd-10-cm code beginning october 1, 2015) no more than 22 times in a 12-month period. medicare coinsurance and part b deductible are waived for this service.. Can anyone help me out? i am trying to figure out how to bill and code for a weight loss program. do i first list cpt 99215, then cpt 99391-7 or do i use cpt 99401 or cpt 97802? just not sure which cpt code to use and which modifier with the cpt 99215. any thoughts would be very helpful, thanks. jim.

Is It Time for New Revenue Streams?

Is it time for new revenue streams?

Weight Loss | Columbia University Department of Surgery

Weight loss | columbia university department of surgery

Cpt code for weight loss program benefits. identify it: visceral fat cannot be identified by simply looking at a person’s body, but through ct scans. intermittent fasting’s most obvious benefit is weight loss. stress is bad for the whole body and for weight in particular.. >6 months or >10% weight loss in the past 6 months – preoperative evaluation that includes all of the following: routine screening for cardiac/pulmonary disease, dietary. Providers with current cpt codes. if an mhcp recipient elects to participate in a weight loss program, the recipient may be billed for components of the program that are not covered, as long as the recipient is non-covered weight loss services • weight loss services on a program basis • nutritional supplements/foods for weight reduction.

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weight loss program cpt code

weight loss program cpt code

All States, All Cities Major and Minor

All states, all cities major and minor

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