Weight Loss App Earn Money

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Weight Loss App Earn Money

weight loss app earn money

Apps like dietbet, healthywage, fitcoin, and more allow users to place bets on whether they can meet their fitness goals. but do they work? and how motivating is money, anyway?. 4 ways to make money losing weight healthy wage – read review. with healthy wage, you get to set your goals and how much you’d like to bet. you can choose to lose 10-150 pounds in the time frame of 6-12 months.. Earn everything… nearly! join e-poll, one of the few faithful and honest survey panels and earn cash – paid via paypal – gift cards for amazon, best buy, itunes, starbucks, and walmart, plus retail e-vouchers..

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MobileXpressions iPhone (US)

Mobilexpressions iphone (us)

Since dietbet started, it has paid out more than $6,761,605, and users, according to dietbet, can earn incentives of upwards of $1000, meaning you could use this app to earn some good money. all you need to do is join the site, and then you can either set up a fitness challenge of your own or join an existing one.. The app calculates your possible winnings based on the specifics of your bet—like how much weight you’ll lose over a certain period of time—then tracks your progress and offers up social games to help keep you accountable. verify your weight in a finish-line video, and if you’ve met your goal, you can bring home the money through paypal or amazon credit—up to $10,000, if you bet big!. What if you could get paid to lose weight? would not having some extra cash in your pocket be a a weight loss motivator? losing weight may not seem fun to many of us..

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