Weight Loss App Carrot

“Hey, fattie!” Hot guys insulting you = quick way to ...

“hey, fattie!” hot guys insulting you = quick way to

Carrot Fit update adds 7 Minutes in Hell workout

Carrot fit update adds 7 minutes in hell workout

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Weight Loss App Carrot

weight loss app carrot

Weight loss app carrot support your weight loss efforts with the combination of these. The sadistic app that shames you into losing weight. the £1.49 ($1.99) carrot fit ios app is classed as a ‘talking weight tracker’ users input their weight to receive judgement from the ‘carrot overlord’ equally, if users lose weight, carrot will also offer encouragement; the app monitors a user’s bmi and updates them on their progress. Humans, meet your fitness overlord: carrot fit. the judgmental weight-loss app motivates with a tough-love approach to transform your "flabby carcass.

Image Gallery healthy juice recipes

Image gallery healthy juice recipes

Judgmental weight-loss app hurls insults. Abuse or motivation?

Judgmental weight-loss app hurls insults. abuse or motivation?

Unlike kinder, gentler weight loss apps, carrot mocks and shames you into better behavior. the app is the latest featuring the robot as a bully, following successful–and similarly sarcastic–apps for an alarm clock, a to-do list, and working out.. This moody app’s goal is to "transform your flabby carcass" and she’s not afraid to shame you into achieving your weight loss goals.. Best weight loss app for apple watch carrot fit syncs with the health app, while streaks is not a dedicated weight loss app,.

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