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Weight loss after pregnancy!!? hi its been 6 months now since i had a baby,i lost just 10 pounds after my baby..can anybody suggest is it too little or normal? i mean i have'nt been dieting dieting as such. can you guys help?. Answers. best answer: follow the same routine you did when you lost the 25 pounds before. with my first baby i had her in the beginning of the summer so that really helped with the weight loss. try to drink lots of fluids (preferably water) after having the baby. it's good for you and it'll prevent you from overeating.. Best answer: when i started losing the post baby weight i started walking. just make sure you get about 10 glasses of water a day and your milk production will stay up. also, eating lots of fruits and veggies is great for you but can cause gas. especially for babies with sensitive stomachs. you will know.

Katherine Heigl's post-baby weight loss

Katherine heigl's post-baby weight loss

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Miranda kerr reveals her baby weight loss secret… it

The weight you have lost maybe due to a fluid loss, rather than anything else. breast feeding does require more calories in a day, but you sound like you are eating enough. try taking baby for a daily walk in the pram, it will do you both the world of good. baby shold be getting enough nutrients from breast milk, as it is designed to do this.. My husband is coming home from iraq about a month after i'm due to give birth. i haven't gained weight in my legs, arms or face, just belly. i've gained a total of 30 lbs (i'm 37 weeks right now). however, i don't want to look like a pig when "we" welcome him home. i know that the last thing on his mind will be my weight, but it is important to me.. I gained a lot when i got pregnant, now i have been trying to loose it for 5 months...haven't lost a pound since i had him! my friend was telling me that you need to have 4 periods for the weight loss to really start. is this true? because since i got my iud i have only had one period....

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy Yahoo Answers

weight loss after pregnancy yahoo answers

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