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I am currently 7 months and a week pregnant due on june 30th (like most women will probably go early). i was 135 pounds and 5'8" to start out with and went to the gym 3 days a week and was in great shape before.. Best answer: my wife weighed 140lb or so afterwards and it back to her usual 115lb or so over a year later. she just ate what she normally did and exercise as she did and her weight just went back to what it was before. she jogs 3 times a week for about 30-45min and i'm sure running around with the baby.

Weight Loss Stories With Green Smoothies. weight loss ...

Weight loss stories with green smoothies. weight loss


Weight loss off yaz, did you lose or gain weight after

Best answer: i know how you feel!!! i'm 5'8 and started my pregnancy at 120 lbs. by the time my son was born i was 176lbs. i knew the pounds wouldn't fall off instantly, but at 6 months post-partum i was still in the 150's and i ate healthy, had drank only mineral water and juice for 6 months, and exercised. Hi all, i have a question i'm 5'0 and before i got pregnant i weighed 95 lbs, i wasn't that careful with what i ate when i was pregnant, i gained 60 lbs, i think i was 157lbs before i gave birth my daughter was only 5lbs 14 oz, within the first 3 weeks after birth i lost 30lbs totaling to 126 pounds it's now been 4 weeks more my. Best answer: breastfeeding will really speed up post-partum weight loss. producing breastmilk takes a lot of calories. you should try the weight watchers plan for nursing mothers, totally wildly successful. also exercise alot. you can take the weight off and get back in shape, you just have to stick to it.

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy Yahoo Answers

weight loss after pregnancy yahoo answers

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My sidekick and me: early days..

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Yoga poses for weight loss after c section – weight loss & diet plans

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