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I lost weight in the first 3 months because i completely lost my appetite and had to force myself to eat (very little nausea though). as a result i only put on baby weight, all of which went after the birth - and i ended up weighing at least 5kg less than i did pre-pregnancy. dd was born at 37 weeks 3.26kg so she was totally fine with it!. So far in pregnancy i have lost 5lbs. it's not that i'm aiming to lose weight as such just trying to keep on top of it. i figure it will creep up in later months. but i'm happy with the loss especially over christmas- my bmi is now 30.4 so it's important to me that i don't start slipping and eating all the stuff i used to.. I had an emcs last time, did the exercises they recommended, but was otherwise too exhausted looking after ds to do anything else. just by eating normally (challenging enough with an ebf newborn) i lost all my pregnancy weight plus an extra 4lb by 12 weeks. that said, my body was a rather different shape so it didn't feel like it!.



Hi all i had my baby 9 days ago i actually lost weight during the pregnancy due to severe sickness and food adversions i could barely eat for like 3 months anyway i went from a 16-18 to a 14-16 during pregnancy a 16 being quite loose on me my question is where do i start i have a bad habbit i love choc and sweet stuff i know this is not going to help me lose weight though i am also exclusively. Weight loss after pregnancy mumsnet. weight loss programs omaha. home > weight loss > weight loss after pregnancy mumsnet. in weight loss weight loss after pregnancy mumsnet. 1 month ago 0 comments. weight loss after pregnancy mumsnet. from a ghost pregnancy (negative pregnancy test) to. weight loss after baby mumsnet.. Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the mumsnet pregnancy newsletters. pregnant after weight loss (13 posts).

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy Mumsnet

weight loss after pregnancy mumsnet

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