Nigerian Food Table For Weight Loss

After nicholas la monaco lost 151 pounds, 'my glasses, shoes and wedding band no longer fit' nicholas la monaco's weight-loss journey was not only physical, but also emotional.. John-paul iwuoha is an author, impact entrepreneur, business strategist and founder of smallstarter africa. he works with entrepreneurs and investors to start up and grow businesses in africa.. Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards. one form of adulteration is an addition of another substance to a food item in order to increase the quantity of the food item in raw form or prepared form, which may result in the loss of actual quality of food item..

HEALTH: These Nigerian Foods Will Help You Lose Weight ...

Health: these nigerian foods will help you lose weight

Who is trying to lose weight? | Top Nigerian Food Blog

Who is trying to lose weight? | top nigerian food blog

The meal plan i promised is here!!! please read the explanation written before commenting oh! i know there would be many questions, as for many naija foods, its a bit difficult to get accurate portion sizes.. Diet/food plan/timetable for nigerians trying to lose weight part 1(detox) the food plan below is for people who are trying to lose weight with the nigerian diet.. Weekly nigerian meal planner. august 10, 2010 | 82 comments. this weekly nigerian meal planner is to help plan meals for the week. some like to plan ahead and cook everything for one week over the weekend and not have to worry about cooking during the week, while others go with the flow and cook in the week or whenever is needed or better yet.