Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

My baby is only a week old, i'm definitely in no rush to crash diet and lose all the baby weight, but i'm starting to think about how to get back int. Weight loss stall after baby. lunch is usually a big salad with fish and good fats. i home cook dinner 99% of the time. lots of meat, vegetables etc. i do have a few bikkies here and there, maybe a bag of chips once a week. workouts, i'll do 40min of weight training 2x a week. 1-2x a week 45min power walk with buggy.. After dc1 i lost all but 7lbs after about 6 months without much effort, same story again with dc2, but now a stone heavier than i started. after dc3 my weight stopped going down when i was 2 stone heavier than pre pregnancy weight so 3 stone to lose in total . for some reason after dc3 it didn't go away on it's own like it had before, was bf all 3..

I would say your weight loss sounds ok. i was about 10.8 stone prior to first baby, 12.4 after birth and i remember looking quite trim on her 1st birthday so was prob back to original weight. i did loads of long walks daily, for miles, and ate well in the first year whilst on maternity leave. i think mums can be quite active in the first year.. Second time i gained 1.5st during pregnancy but then between constant snacking (breastfeeding baby and running round after toddler didn't leave a lot of time for healthy meals) and pnd i've now gained weight and weigh as much as i did towards the end of first pregnancy.. I then became pregnant that month & over the course of the pregnancy put that weight back on (plus a bit more). i wasn't too concerned about this as i intended to start sw again some time after the birth. my baby is now 10 weeks old (emcs-don't know if relevant to postpartum weight loss). i have been following sw for 3 weeks & have only lost 1lb..

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Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

losing weight after baby mumsnet

I know there is probably a lot of info already on here but with a 5 month old i dont have much time to have a look…. i had my first baby over 5 months ago and i put on about 3 stone.. Save big! save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals! see all deals ». Losing weight after baby mumsnet. losing weight after baby mumsnet. losing the prego weight starts monday. i had my baby by c-section 10 months ago and my stomach still hasn’t gone down. i am overweight, but it just doesn’t seem right. it feels very hard w…

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