Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

Lifting, hiit and gaining weight. you have the added complexity of breastfeeding however. i see a few problems in your food combinations - macros - and eating pattern which are making weight loss more difficult for you. your hormones may have changed all of a sudden making old dietary habits unsustainable now.. After dc1 i lost all but 7lbs after about 6 months without much effort, same story again with dc2, but now a stone heavier than i started. after dc3 my weight stopped going down when i was 2 stone heavier than pre pregnancy weight so 3 stone to lose in total . for some reason after dc3 it didn't go away on it's own like it had before, was bf all 3.. I then became pregnant that month & over the course of the pregnancy put that weight back on (plus a bit more). i wasn't too concerned about this as i intended to start sw again some time after the birth. my baby is now 10 weeks old (emcs-don't know if relevant to postpartum weight loss). i have been following sw for 3 weeks & have only lost 1lb..

Losing Weight After Baby Hard

Losing weight after baby hard

I would say your weight loss sounds ok. i was about 10.8 stone prior to first baby, 12.4 after birth and i remember looking quite trim on her 1st birthday so was prob back to original weight. i did loads of long walks daily, for miles, and ate well in the first year whilst on maternity leave. i think mums can be quite active in the first year.. I blame myself for my fatness, but am annoyed at my mw too as one of them told me that i wasnt eating enough and so my baby was losing weight (turned out she was jaundiced instead but i started to overeat as i felt like i was an awful mum) does anyone have any meal plans etc to lose the weight.. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant, been eating quite a lot or normal food and some unhealthy however i keep loosing weight? wondering if anyone else ha.

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Losing Weight After Baby Mumsnet

losing weight after baby mumsnet

Losing the prego weight starts Monday

Losing the prego weight starts monday

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