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Discover more about the blood type diet and the impact certain foods can have on your body. find out if this diet is right for you.. The o blood type appears to have been the first human success strategy. the genetic traits associated with blood type o blood include exceptional strength, a lean physique, and a productive mind. when you adopt the blood type o diet and lifestyle, you have the opportunity to reap the benefits of your heritage and avoid common blood type o health issues including insulin resistance, sluggish. Dr. peter d’adamo is the doctor behind the blood type diet program, a relatively new (and some would say fad) diet that encourages you to eat foods that are most compatible with your body based on your blood type..

Blood Type Strengths and Weaknesses |

Blood type strengths and weaknesses |

Smoothie Haven Lifestyle Blog| Do Blood Types Really Matter?

Smoothie haven lifestyle blog| do blood types really matter?

People who are o blood type have a different set of characteristics than people who are type b or type a - they are susceptible to different diseases, they should eat different foods and exercise in a completely different manner. dr. d'adamo, author of the best selling books. According to the blood type diet, for the best dietary health based on blood type, certain foods should either be eaten or avoided in the type o group. the following foods are those that. Blood type o diet guidelines type o—oldest, most basic blood type, effective predators, survivors type o’s unique traits. hardiest digestive system. overactive immune system. meat eaters. cannot properly digest products containing gluten. high production of stomach acid. intolerant to dietary, environmental adaptations . require an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic. respond.